Access to mental health care is a major concern, as demand increases significantly. Different organizations and governments seek to meet the needs of the population. Technological innovation is intended to be a powerful tool to improve accessibility to mental health care as well as its quality, integrating a clinically validated practice such as Measurement-Based Care (MBC) or monitoring, making it possible to identify a deterioration or lack of improvement in a patient mental health state.

The TAKECARE platform offers the combined power of remote monitoring and MBC, coupled with the development of a treatment algorithm aimed at eliminating therapeutic inertia. The collaboration established with the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and the CIUSSS-ODIM has facilitated the development of a platform adapted to the needs of mental health and more particularly for the Prevention and early intervention program for psychosis (PEPP) as well than other mood disorders (bipolar disorders, personality disorders, complex mood disorders).

TAKECARE is also used to promote communication between different collaborators, professionals and caregivers within the child psychiatry day clinic (Early Childhood Disorders/Day Time Clinic) of the CIUSSS – Centre-Ouest-de-l’Ile-de-Montreal.


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Finity has a collection of latest 2,500 jobs to join next companies.