Your health within your hands

Our fun, user-friendly mobile app enables you to automatically transfer your health data and collaborate with your care team. Transform your health journey into a stimulating and interactive experience.

Well connected to your health

Your vital signs and biometric data are collected automatically and manually uploaded to your file, available to your care team.

Quick installation and easy to use

Register with a secure, personalized invitation from your care team. The mobile application is quickly installed through the stores.

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Inside our app

Health Education and Resources

Strengthen your knowledge with the health education module. Access a wealth of resources tailored to your specific health needs, helping you make informed decisions about your care and lifestyle.

Communication made easy

Use the integrated messaging function and receive messages and information directly from your care team, participate in discussions (when activated). Involve your loved ones in data entry and answering questionnaires.

Your health data at your fingertips

Maximize your health monitoring with our app's device integration capabilities. Sync with a range of health devices and your smartwatch to get a comprehensive view of your health data, all in one place.

Accessibility and technical support

Our app is designed for everyone. With features like text size adjustment, voice commands, and multi-language support, TAKECARE ensures that managing your health is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or knowledge technological. Our technical support is available if you need a helping hand.

Stay up to date

The integrated calendar, reminders and various notifications make your life easier and allow you to carry out your follow-ups on a regular basis, helping to maintain your health. Access your virtual meetings directly on Teams.

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