TAKECARE, a modular, versatile and customizable technological tool, is adaptable to multiple areas of need.

Frontline Services

Dedicated support for frontline healthcare providers to enhance patient care.


Streamlined solutions for pharmacies to optimize dispensing and patient consultations.

Professional Care

Advanced tools for professional caregivers to provide comprehensive care.


Enhanced support for specialists through specialized modules and analytics.

Support for Degenerative Diseases

Comprehensive tools for better management and support to patients suffering from degenerative diseases.

Pre/Post Operative Monitoring

Robust tracking for pre and post-operative care to ensure optimal recovery.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies

Partnerships with pharma and medical device companies to drive innovation and therapy advancement.

Clinical Research

Facilitate clinical research with data-driven insights and interoperable data systems.

And Much More

Explore the full range of capabilities and custom solutions tailored to your healthcare needs.

Our team listens to your needs and can generate the most useful functionalities for clinical monitoring.

Finity has a collection of latest 2,500 jobs to join next companies.

Finity has a collection of latest 2,500 jobs to join next companies.