Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a serious condition requiring diligent monitoring and is frequently accompanied by additional conditions called comorbidities (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.) It is also the main cause of hospitalization of patients aged 65 and over in Canada, for longer stays than most other conditions.

The use of technology makes it possible to improve the health of these patients by offering to care teams a platform allowing regular and adapted monitoring to care teams, improving visibility of the fluctuation of vital signs and symptoms, as well as by promoting patient engagement in managing their health via the mobile application.

TAKECARE offers a clinical decision support algorithm – integrating medication and laboratory results – developed for the management of CHF and the optimization of drug treatment. Validated by the CHUM and CRCHUM teams as part of the CONTINUUM project it proved possible to significantly reduce the risks of major events (related or not) for patients, and reduced the frequency of emergency visits by 30% and associated costs by around 23%.

The results of these clinical studies have been presented or published in numerous forums.

  • Finalist, Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Summit of the Americas – Dragons’ Grant, April 2024
  • “A New Era in Heart Failure Management: The Promise of Digital Therapeutics”, Hospital NewsTM, March 11, 2024
  • Newsletter « Knowledge Hub » Health Technology Catalyst – CTS, December 14, 2023 edition
  • “Insuffisance cardiaque : une application permet de réduite les visites aux urgences”, Profession Santé, December 12, 2023
  • Forum de l’Industrie de la Santé de Québec (FISQ), November 2023
  • Winner of the RSRI (Regroupements Sectoriels de Rechercher Industrielle) prize, from MEDTEQ+, ADRIQ Gala, November 2023
  • Presentation at the American Heart Association in Philadephia, November 2023
  • 14es Journées Scientifiques du Centre de Recherche du CHUM (CRCHUM), October 2023

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