Questionnaires or scales are an integral part of monitoring the health status of patients. They provide qualitative and quantitative information on the progression of both the physical and psychological state.

Multiple Question Formats

Support for various formats including true/false, multiple choice, ratings, and simple answers.

Scoring System

Robust scoring mechanisms for automated assessments and feedback.

Score Evolution Tracking

Monitor and display the progression of scores over time with dynamic charts, aiding in trend analysis and outcome measurement.

Conditional Questions

Dynamic question paths that change based on previous answers.

Complex Alerting

Advanced alerting capabilities to notify staff or trigger actions based on responses.

Conditional User Feedback

Tailored feedback provided to users based on their inputs.

Multilingual Support

Full support for multiple languages to accommodate diverse user bases.

Web and Mobile Support

Accessible on various devices, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms.


Schedule questionnaires to be available during specific times or dates.

Role-Based Access

Manage access and permissions based on user roles within your organization.

Calendar Integration

Integrate with calendars to manage questionnaire timelines and reminders.

Workflow Integration

Seamlessly integrate questionnaires into existing workflows to enhance data collection processes.

Markdown Support

Utilize Markdown for rich text formatting within questionnaire inputs and descriptions.

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Finity has a collection of latest 2,500 jobs to join next companies.