How Greybox Solutions is responding to COVID-19?

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Patients with cardiovascular diseases are particularly vulnerable to respiratory infections and there is uncertainty as to the aggravating consequences that COVID-19 can cause. Flu activity due to influenza remains high and continues to cause hospitalizations, thereby contributing to an overload of the health system.
While specifying that for the moment, the COVID-19 pandemic is under control in Quebec, with 17 confirmed cases, the Prime Minister has indicated that he intends to take all measures to slow down as much as possible a contagion which has become inevitable.
In response to this situation and out of citizen consciousness, Greybox is committed to contribute to the efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 within the Quebec population by proposing the TAKECARE application to hospitals.  This telehealth solution can help to:

  • Ensure immediate follow-up of patients without having to go to the hospital
  • Monitor patient progress remotely, even for personnel in quarantine
  • Optimize use of resources and adapt interventions as appropriate.
  • Facilitate communication with patients at home
  • Send educational content and newsletters
  • (Optional on request) Offer home monitoring equipment

Our plan to help you

Here is the procedure to set up TAKECARE in your establishment:

  1. Identify the remote monitoring team within your establishment
  2. Email us for the creation of healthcare professionals’ accounts
  3. Identify at-risk patients who can benefit from remote monitoring 
  4. Contact patients by phone to offer them TAKECARE follow-up
  5. Register patients on the TAKECARE platform 
  6. Patients receive an SMS and start their application 

Thank you

Don’t hesitate to let us know of any specific need you may have for using our solution.  We are able to quickly configure functionalities if required.

On behalf of our entire Greybox team, we are here to help you.